Emericon Builders works with the property owner and/or management staff to confirm that the scope of work will confirm to the Primary Renovation Program.  We conduct a property tour with all parties and once the property information has been obtained, the application process begins within three days.  Depending on the size of the application and access to information, the process takes between 15 and 45 days before it is submitted to the LAHD.  Emericon will work hand-in-hand in creating schedules and tenant notices to be used during the renovation  A very strict set of rules is set in place when a THP is to be followed and those guidelines are explicitly outlined for ease in understanding.  If any legal advice is needed, Emericon will work with your preferred attorney. 

Capital Improvement Pass Through (CIPT)

For those owners opting to not apply for the Primary Renovation Program or who are performing work which does not confirm to the program, a Capital Improvement Pass Through application will be submitted.  Emericon will complete the necessary forms and create the necessary spreadsheets which will be submitted to the LAHD.  Be aware that property owners only have one year from the date work was completed to submit a package.  Once information is received on the work completed, the application process starts immediately.  In order to receive the largest rental increases allowed, Emericon recommends keeping all records of the renovation including material and labor receipts, permit cards and in-progress photos.

On May 2, 2005, the City of Los Angeles adopted the Primary Renovation Program in an effort to encourage property owners to invest in their properties while continuing to protect the rights of tenants.  This program, along with the Capital Improvement Program, has allowed property owners to raise rents in excess of what is normally allowed under rent stabilization laws.  Often, property owners are overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork involved with these programs (some THP applications consisting of 60+ pages of material).  Emericon Builders has successfully worked with the LAHD and property owners to navigate through the most difficult of applications.  We have decided to offer this service on a contract basis for those property owners who already have a General Contractor hired or are completing the work themselves with subcontractors.  ​

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Tenant Habitability Plan (THP)